Trip Sponsorship

The Northern Lights Sailing Club (NLSC) is organized exclusively to promote sailing activities and to provide fellowship for its members. It is the Club’s goal to provide the best trips possible at a reasonable cost to its membership. 

NLSC Sponsored Trips are planned and executed by members of the NLSC Sailing Club and have been reviewed by the club’s Board of Directors. The trips are open only to current members of the NLSC Sailing Club. 

Participating NLSC members send completed registration form along with appropriate funds as requested in the trip announcement. 

All participants must have signed NLSC’s current Mutual Release of Liability and Indemnification form.

Download NLSC Trip Policy 

Northern Lights Sailing Club is neither endorsing nor guaranteeing any aspect of any Sailing Opportunity and accepts no liability. Any loss, damage, death, or personal injury that may occur as a result of your participation in these Sailing Opportunities is not the responsibility of Northern Lights Sailing Club.

Your decision to take part in any Sailing Opportunity is your responsibility. You are entirely responsible for your own safety, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing reduces this responsibility.

· It is for you to decide whether the boat is fit to sail in the conditions.

· It is for you to decide whether the skipper(s) and/or crew members are competent to sail.

· You are reminded to always comply with the safety requirements commensurate with the sea area in which you intend to cruise.